Manadar (Normal Mode) in Beshmundir Temple

Session: 19.12.2022 21:47:18 - 21:50:03
Duration: 2 min 45 s
Version: 2.4
MyAion will last!
We would like to inform you that thanks to the kind representatives of this community we have secured a server contract for another year. MyAion will be still developed and improved. Big kudos to our contributors: Rosewall, ๐’œ๐“Ž๐“€, Apiko, Asteri, Bawler, braveheart, cerber, Critrow, Darkangel93x, Fous, FTS Noรดx, Gamba, Gryf, Iceberry / Moonlauw, Karmadeska, Kowa, Kah, machaasi, Mats, Micoko, mrcl, Sashaa, SassyEmotions, Seyet, Shock, Smy, Smyfangurl, Taggz, Trascoy, Ufk, Ultimatelord, Veshkoh, Ypw, ๊ทธ๋†ˆ, ๋ค ์–ด๋ฒ ์–ด/Raerbear, ์‹น๋‘‘, ์ด์œ  Weandy and those who haven't contacted us yet or simply stayed anonymous. We can't forget about Aion EU Community Discord and Society Of Gaming who also contributed by promoting this fundraising. All of you just proved that MyAion is a project from gamers to gamers.
# Player Server DPS Damage Heal Buffs Copy Damage(DPS)
1 Wooyu Siel 2.301 379.799 0 Blessing of Health I Blessing of Rock I Crit Spell Casting Speed Increase Increase Magic Boost and Magical Accuracy
2 Pinkluuz Siel 1.125 185.617 2.467 Blessing of Health I Blessing of Rock I Attack Speed Increase Increase Movement Speed 2 Increase Crit Strike, Accuracy, Evasion and Maximum Flight Time Increase Natural Mana Treatment
3 Daengyi Siel 465 76.736 107.984 Blessing of Health I Blessing of Rock I Increase Movement Speed Casting Speed Increase Increase Natural Recovery Serum Increase Magic Boost, Magical Accuracy and Maximum Flight Time