DPS Meter


Npcap needs to be downloaded and installed separately. It's required component. DPS meter won't work without Npcap.

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Installation and Configuration:
  1. Install required software.
    1. Check Install Npcap in Winpcap API compatibility mode during installation of Npcap.
    2. If you are PingZapper or Battleping (Connection 2) user, download 0.9981 installer and check Support loopback traffic ("Npcap Loopback Adapter" will be created).
  2. Launch DPS Meter before connecting to Game Server:
    1. before logging in
    2. or before selecting server
  3. Configure Network connection in application:
    1. Check if you have selected correct adapter in Menu -> Network -> Adapter. If you are have multiple adapters and you are not sure which one you are using, you can check one by one.
    2. If You are using VPN, set correct port in Menu -> Network -> Port (for example WFTast uses 3724 as default port, Battleping uses 443 port).
  4. Connect to Game Server / log in and check if connection has been estabilished:
    1. If you can see green light in top right corner, it's ready to work.
    2. Otherwise something went wrong, please check Throubleshooting section below.
If You cannot check Install Npcap in Winpcap API compatibility mode during installation of Npcap, try Kr0NiCk's solution:
"Not everything related to win10pcap was properly removed from the system. What you can do is install win10pcap again and use a third party uninstaller like "iobit uninstaller" and select "remove residual files". When you do it that will fix it. The 2nd option would be to go to "regedit" and remove leftover keys from win10pcap".

If You see in new version of app error like this: "Couldn't initialize device. Make sure that Npcap is installed without errors. Check 'Install Npcap in Winpcap API compatibility mode' during installation of Npcap.", it means that something is wrong Npcap installation.
First at all check if You have selected Install Npcap in Winpcap API compatibility mode during installation of Npcap.
Secondly install these if You don't have it: If error still shows up, check if install.log file from catalog where You installed Npcap contains any errors.
VPN Compatibility:
In addition to the default connection, the MyAion DPS meter also works with the following VPNs:
  1. WTFast - port 3724 by default
  2. Battleping:
    • Connection 1 - port 443
    • Connection 2 - select "LookBack Driver" in Network -> Adapter Menu
  3. VPNGame - port 1081
  4. PingZapper - select "LookBack Driver" in Network -> Adapter Menu
  5. NoPing - default port
  6. Exitlag:
    • MyAion DPS Meter: select Network -> Port/VPN -> Wide Range (Exitlag)
    • Exitlag -> Aion Settings: Use only TCP Routes, set UDP and ICMP Routes to 0
    • Exitlag -> Tools Settings: Disable IPv6
  7. ReduceTheLag - port 3724 by default
    • MyAion DPS Meter: select Network -> Adapter -> TAP-Win32 Adapter V9 and Network -> Port/VPN -> Default
    • Mudfish: Setup -> Program - Connection Protocol: TCP and RTT Checking Method: TCP