Raging Yarkhan & Raging Barkhan in Prometun's Workshop (difficult)

Session: 31.12.2022 21:42:23 - 21:43:39
Duration: 1 min 16 s
Version: 8.2
MyAion will last!
We would like to inform you that thanks to the kind representatives of this community we have secured a server contract for another year. MyAion will be still developed and improved. Big kudos to our contributors: Rosewall, π’œπ“Žπ“€, Apiko, Asteri, Bawler, braveheart, cerber, Critrow, Darkangel93x, Fous, FTS NoΓ΄x, Gamba, Gryf, Iceberry / Moonlauw, Karmadeska, Kowa, Kah, machaasi, Mats, Micoko, mrcl, Sashaa, SassyEmotions, Seyet, Shock, Smy, Smyfangurl, Taggz, Trascoy, Ufk, Ultimatelord, Veshkoh, Ypw, κ·Έλ†ˆ, λ€ μ–΄λ² μ–΄/Raerbear, μ‹Ήλ‘‘, 이유 Weandy and those who haven't contacted us yet or simply stayed anonymous. We can't forget about Aion EU Community Discord and Society Of Gaming who also contributed by promoting this fundraising. All of you just proved that MyAion is a project from gamers to gamers.
# Player Server DPS Damage Heal Buffs Copy Damage(DPS)
1 Xaliha Odin 260.255 19.801.705 32.816 (Improved) Divine Protection Zikel 2 [Evolution] Soul Wave (Level 1) Attack: Increases Attack Power 3 Attack: Increase Crit Strike 4 Leibo Jam - Special Boost Buff Jorgoth’s Masterpiece 3 Jorgoth’s Masterpiece
2 ▋▋▋▋▋▋▋▋ Odin 176.602 13.436.947 0 [Evolution] Soul Wave (Level 1) Nezekan Attack: Increases Attack Power Ice Dragon Feather: Boost Physical Attack
3 Campiwolf Odin 170.744 12.991.213 0 Kaisinel [Evolution] Soul Wave (Level 1) Attack: Increases Attack Power 3 Attack: Increase Crit Strike 7 Ice Dragon Feather: Boost Crit Strike Jorgoth’s Masterpiece
4 Tornmentha Sillus 159.903 12.166.382 0 Marchutan [Evolution] Repeated Jolting Strike (Level 1) Attack: Increases Attack Power 2
5 Derinder Odin 86.946 6.615.330 7.630 Kaisinel [Evolution] Soul Wave (Level 1) Attack: Increase Crit Strike 3
6 Sinpiedades Stormwing 39.735 3.023.237 0 Sita Attack: Increases Attack Power 2